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Step 1 to cast artwork to canvas Step 2 to cast artwork to canvas
Tizen KEY Info
  1. KEY 0 Clear log.
  2. KEY 1 List all files from local storage.
  3. KEY 2 List files from temp storage.
  4. KEY 3 Toggle logs.
  5. KEY 5 Move files from local storage to usb.
  6. KEY 6 Move files from usb to local storage.
  7. KEY 7 Delete all BD directories.
  8. KEY 8 Tester Mode.
  9. KEY 9 Cancel all downloads.
  10. KEY INFO Show Device info.
Orsay KEY Info
  1. KEY 1 List all files from local storage.
  2. KEY 3 Toggle logs.
  3. KEY 5 Get usb info
  4. KEY PAUSE pause artwork.
  5. KEY PLAY play artwork.